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Whiteboard Interview & Talk Music Podcast!

Interview with The Whiteboard Project

Here’s an interview I did entirely with drawings on a whiteboard. Such a clever series they’re doing! Click here to see the full interview

DW on the Talk Music Podcast

I recently had the chance to chat with Scott Cowie for his Talk Music podcast about my song-a-day project, my time working with Rick Rubin, and some songwriters I admire – listen to the full podcast here


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So beautiful! So drunk! How did this happen? Oh yeah, I’m in Edinburgh!


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“Here’s what I always ask myself when I get stuck while writing a song: what would Tom Petty do? It almost always works” – DW ’14


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Get in the pool


“Stop planning, and get in the pool.” – DW ’14


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Pledge Music Campaign – new exclusives added!

We’ve revamped my Pledge Music Campaign! You can still order the album, vinyl & deluxe album book/cd, but we’ve added some cool new exclusives as well, including: more Skype songwriting reviews, personalized signed vinyl test pressings, customized Free Life CDs, and signed prints of my musical cartoons.

I hope you’re digging the album so far!


Customized Free Life CDs



Wall Street Journal Signed Cartoon Prints



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You & I (Nobody In The World)

A while back I had the opportunity to write some songs with John Legend. One of the songs we wrote, “You & I (Nobody in the World),” is on his current album. I was really happy and proud of how the song turned out, and I’m just as excited about the video that he’s created for it. The images that the video pairs with our song make a beautiful and moving combination, IMHO. Check out the video for “You & I (Nobody In The World)”


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Recent Radio Sessions

Live at WFUV

Listen to the full interview and watch videos of Dan’s performances of “Your Brighter Days” and “Love Without Fear” here: Dan Wilson – FUV Live – 2014 

BBC Radio 2 with Dermot O’Leary

Listen to Dan’s full interview and performances of “A Song Can Be About Anything” and “All Will Be Well” here: Dan Wilson on BBC Radio 2

NPR’s World Cafe

Listen to Dan’s performances and interview with NPR’s David Dye, here: Dan Wilson on World Cafe


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#ASongCanBeAboutAnything Project!

I have a new “A Song Can Be About Anything” project to share with you: In celebration of the release of my new album ‘Love Without Fear’ (which includes “A Song Can Be About Anything”) we’re going to create something cool together. One of the things I love most about songwriting is that you can write about absolutely anything you like. And sometimes the weirdest “subjects” make for the greatest songs.

So here’s what I’d like you to do: on two pieces of paper, make two signs. The first sign will say “A Song Can Be About Anything” and the second sign will describe what your dream song would be about: it could be a phrase, a drawing, a symbol, somebody’s name. Then either upload a video (15 seconds or less) to instagram of you holding your signs, or upload two still photos of you holding the signs to your instagram, facebook, or twitter. Make sure you tag me in your post and hashtag your video or photos with #asongcanbeaboutanything and #danwilsonlovewithoutfear. When we’re done, we’ll put all of our videos together to make one big video telling all of our stories. And I’ll send a signed copy of my new album to the “best” 5 entries. The deadline to submit is Thursday, June 5th! Here’s an example I made to get us started. Can’t wait to see what we come up with!

P.S. – if you’re having trouble or are unsure how to submit via instagram, twitter or facebook. Please email your submissions to


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Love Without Fear – Deluxe Album Book/CD Package

My third solo album Love Without Fear is now available to purchase in stores and online. I’m really pleased with how it turned out and I can’t wait for you to hear it!

I’m especially excited for you to see the deluxe album package that I’ve created –  it’s a hardcover book that features 24 notebook pages with my illustrations and handwritten lyrics for all of the songs on the album. The package also includes a CD with four additional bonus tracks. You can order a copy for yourself from Pledge Music or Amazon.

Or you can order a digital copy of Love Without Fear on iTunes

I hope you enjoy it!


Friends and Fans,
My new solo album Love Without Fear is available in stores and online today!!

I’m so thankful and honored to be able to create music for you all and continue to do what I love. The making of this album has been an especially unique and personal experience for me: I recorded two full versions of the album: one by myself back in Minneapolis and one here in LA where I had a great talented group of musicians join me for the recording process, I designed and illustrated all of the album artwork, and I got to share my release and pre-order process with all of my fans during the beginning of my Pledge Music campaign.

I can’t wait for you to listen to the full album, I really hope you like it.

And if you haven’t had a chance to order a copy for yourself yet –
Order the album, my exclusive artwork, and other great items on Pledge:

Or order the album on iTunes: