Dan’s Writing & Producing Credits

Writing Credits

The Head and The Heart – Co-wrote “Turn It Around” from the forthcoming album Signs of Light (Warner Brothers) 2016
Phantogram – 
Co-wrote “You Don’t Get Me High Anymore” from the forthcoming album III (Universal Republic) 2016
Dierks Bentley – 
Co-wrote “Why Do I Feel” from the album Black (Capitol) 2016
Sara Watkins – 
Co-wrote “Say So” and “Like New Year’s Day” from the forthcoming album Young In All The Wrong Ways (New West) 2016
The Twilight Hours –
 Co-wrote “Anymore” and “Help Me Find A Way” from the forthcoming album Black Beauty (The Twilight Hours) 2016
Weezer – 
Co-wrote “California Kids” from the album The White Album (Crush Music/Atlantic) 2016
Andrew Bird – 
Co-wrote “Are You Serious” from the album Are You Serious (Loma Vista) 2016
Rita Wilson –
 Co-wrote “Crying, Crying” from the album Rita Wilson (Sing It Loud Records) 2016
Brian Fallon – 
Co-wrote “Steve McQueen” from the album Painkillers (Island) 2016
Nada Surf – 
Co-wrote “Victory’s Yours” and “Rushing” from the album You Know Who You Are (Barsuk) 2016
Foxes – 
Co-wrote “Devil Side” from the album All I Need (Sign Of The Times) 2016
Panic! At The Disco – 
Co-wrote “Emperor’s New Clothes” from the forthcoming album Death of a Bachelor (Fueled by Ramen) 2016
Harry Connick Jr. – Co-wrote “You Have No Idea” from the album That Would Be Me (Columbia) 2015
D.A. Wallach – Co-wrote “Feel” from the album Time Machine (Harvest/Capitol) 2015
Phases – Co-wrote “Spark” from the album For Life (Warner Music) 2015
Chris Stapleton – Co-wrote “When The Stars Come Out” from the album Traveller (Mercury Nashville) 2015
My Morning Jacket – Co-wrote “Big Decisions” from the album The Waterfall (ATO/Capitol Records) 2015
Rae Morris – Co-wrote “Unguarded” from Unguarded (Atlantic) 2015
Brooke Fraser – Co-wrote “Magical Machine” from the album Brutal Romantic (Vagrant) 2014
Alex Clare – 
Co-wrote “Three Hearts” from the album Three Hearts (Island) 2014
Spoon – 
Co-wrote “New York Kiss” from the album They Want My Soul (Loma Vista) 2014
Birdy – Co-wrote “Tee Shirt” and “Best Shot” from The Fault In Our Stars Soundtrack (Atlantic) 2014
Secret Sisters – Co-wrote “Iuka” from Put Your Needle Down (Republic) 2014
Engelbert Humperdinck – Co-wrote “Real Love” from Englebert Calling (OK! Good Records) 2014  
Birdy – 
Co-wrote “All You Never Say”, “Maybe”, and “All About You” from the album Fire Within (Atlantic) 2013
John Legend – Co-wrote “You And I”, from the album Love In The Future (Columbia) 2013
Preservation Hall Jazz Band – Co-wrote “I Think I Love You” and “Rattlin’ Bones” from the album That’s It (Legacy) 2013
LeeAnn Rimes – Co-wrote “Borrowed” and “I Do Now”, from the album Spitfire (Curb) 2013
Natalie Maines – “Free Life”, from the album Mother (Columbia) 2013
The Webb Sisters – Co-wrote “Missing Person”, from The Always On My Mind EP 2012
Taylor Swift – Co-wrote “Treacherous” and “Come Back…Be Here”, from the album Red (Big Machine) 2012
Pink – Co-wrote “The Great Escape”, from the album The Truth About Love (RCA) 2012
Nas – Co-wrote “Roses”, from the album Life Is Good (Island) 2012
Sara Watkins – “When It Pleases You”, from the album Sun Midnight Sun (Nonesuch) 2012
Elizaveta – Co-wrote “The Goodbye Song”, from the album Beatrix Runs (Universal Republic) 2012
Audra Mae – Co-wrote “My Friend the Devil”, from the album Audra Mae and the Almighty Sound (Side One Dummy) 2012
Missy Higgins – Co-wrote “Everyone’s Waiting” and “Set Me On Fire”, from the album The Ol’ Razzle Dazzle (Vagrant) 2012
Paloma Faith – Co-wrote “When You’re Gone”, from the album Fall to Grace (Epic) 2012
Dierks Bentley – Co-wrote “Home”, from the album Home (Capitol) 2012
Gin Wigmore – Co-wrote “Poison” and “Roll it All”, from the album Gravel & Wine (Polydor) 2012
Mike Viola – Co-wrote “Get You Back”, from the album Electro De Perfecto (Monkey/Hornblow/Megaforce/RED) 2011
Adele – Co-wrote “Someone Like You”, “Don’t You Remember”, “One and Only” from the album 21 (XL/Sony) 2011
James Morrison
– Co-wrote “The Awakening”, “In My Dreams” from the album The Awakening (Island) 2011
Mike Doughty – Co-wrote “Na Na Nothing”, “Holiday” (What Do You Want) from the album Yes And Also Yes (Megaforce/RED) 2011
The Downtown Fiction – C0-wrote “Hurt Me So Good” from Let’s Be Animals Deluxe Version (Photo Finish) 2011
Nicole Atkins – Co-wrote “Heavy Boots” from the album Mondo Amore (Razor & Tie) 2011
Gabe Dixon – Co-wrote “My Favorite” from the album One Spark (Concord) 2011
Josh Groban – Co-wrote “Hidden Away” (first single), “Bells of NYC”, “War at Home, “If I Walk Away”, “Higher Window”, “Love Only Knows” from the album Illuminations (Reprise) 2010
Keith Urban – Co-wrote “Big Promises” from the album, Get Closer Deluxe Version (Capitol) 2010
Weezer – Co-wrote “Ruling Me”, from the album Hurley (Epitaph) 2010
Griffin House – Co-wrote “If You Want”, “Coming Down The Road” from the album The Learner (Evening) 2010
The Bravery – Co-wrote “Ours” for the film and soundtrack Twilight:Eclipse (Chop Shop/Atlantic) 2010
KT Tunstall – Co-wrote “Boy”, end title from the film The Kid 2010
Rachael Yamagata – Co-wrote “You Take My Troubles Away” from the Dear John Soundtrack (Relativity) 2010
Gin Wigmore – Co-wrote “Hey Ho” from the album Holy Smoke (Universal) 2010
James Morrison – Co-wrote “Once When I Was Little” from the album Songs For You/Truths For Me (Interscope) 2009
Bic Runga – Co-wrote “Change of Heart” from the charity album 7 Worlds Collide 2009
Parachute – Co-wrote “Blame It On Me” from the album Losing Sleep (Island) 2009
Ballas Hough Band – Co-wrote “Turnin’ Me On”, “She Was The One” from the album BHB (Hollywood) 2009
Jason Mraz – Co-wrote “Details in the Fabric” from the album We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things (Atlantic) 2008
Absent Star – Co-wrote “For the Moment”, “If You Like It”, “Life Support” from the album Sea Trials (Canvasback/Columbia) 2008
Anberlin – Co- rote “Retrace” from the album New Surrender (Universal) 2008
Carrie Rodriguez – Co-wrote “She Ain’t Me” from the album She Ain’t Me (Blue Note) 2008
Gabe Dixon Band – Co-wrote “All Will Be Well”, “Find My Way” “Five More Hours”, from the album The Gabe DixonBand (Concord) 2008
Brooke Fraser – Co-wrote “Thief” from the album Albertine (Wood & Bone) 2007
Aly & A.J. – Co-wrote “If I Could Have You Back” from the album Insomniatic (Hollywood) 2007
Storyhill – Co-wrote “For A Song”, “Happy Man”, “Love Will Find You”, “Sacramento”, “Paradise Lost” from the album Storyhill (Red House) 2007
Dixie Chicks – Co-wrote “Not Ready To Make Nice”, “Easy Silence”, “Taking the Long Way”, “Lullaby”. “Voice Inside My Head “, “It’s So Hard”, from the 2007 Grammy Album of the Year, Taking The Long Way (Columbia) 2006 Grammy for Song of the Year for “Not Ready To Make Nice”
Sean Watkins – Co-wrote “I’m Sorry” and “Runaway Girl” from the album Blinders On (Vanguard) 2006
Jason Mraz – Co-wrote “Did You Get My Message” and “Song For A Friend” from the album Mr. A-Z (Atlantic) 2005
Mike Doughty – Co-wrote “Busting Up a Starbucks”, “American Car”, “Your Misfortune”, “I Hear The Bells” “Tremendous Brunettes” from the album Haughty Melodic (AT0) 2005
Glen Phillips – Co-wrote “True”, “Clear Eyed”, “Released, from the album Winter Pays For Summer (Lost Highway) 2005
Hope Partlow – Co-wrote “Let Me Try” from the album Who We Are(Virgin) 2005
Rachael Yamagata – Co-wrote “I Want You” from the album Happenstance (RCA) 2004
Graham Colton – Co-wrote “Don’t Give Up On Me” from the album Drive (Universal) 2004
Bleu – Co wrote “Something’s Gotta Give” from the album Redhead (Aware) 2003
Evan and Jaron – Co-wrote “Ready Or Not” from the album Evan and Jaron (Columbia) 2000
Bic Runga – Co wrote “Good Morning Baby” from the American Pie Soundtrack (Universal) 1999

Production Credits

Phantogram – Co-produced “You Don’t Get Me High Anymore” from the forthcoming album III (Universal Republic) 2016
Rita Wilson – 
Produced “Crying, Crying” from the album Rita Wilson (Sing It Loud Records) 2016
Foxes – 
Produced “Devil Side” from the album All I Need (Sign Of The Times) 2016
Florence + The Machine – 
Produced “Conductor” from the album How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful Target Exclusive Edition (Island) 2015
Alex Clare –
 Produced “Three Hearts” from the forthcoming album Three Hearts (Island) 2014
Birdy – 
Produced “Tee Shirt” and “Best Shot” from The Fault in Our Stars Soundtrack (Atlantic) 2014
Missy Higgins 
– Produced “We Ride”  from the album Spark: A Burning Man Story (Spark) 2013
Birdy – Additional Production for “Maybe” from the album Fire Within US Version (Atlantic) 2014
Birdy – Produced “All You Never Say” from the album Fire Within (Atlantic) 2014
Colbie Caillat & Gavin Degraw – Produced “We Both Know” from the soundtrack album and film Safe Haven (Relativity) 2013
Taylor Swift – Produced “Treacherous” and “Come Back…Be Here”, from the album Red (Big Machine) 2012
Pink – Produced “The Great Escape” from the album The Truth About Love (RCA) 2012
Nas – Produced “Roses” from the album Life Is Good (Island) 2012
Adele – Produced “Someone Like You” from the album 21 (XL/Sony) 2011
The Bravery – Produced “Ours” for the film and soundtrack Twilight:Eclipse (Chop Shop/Atlantic) 2010
Griffin House – Produced and mixed “If You Want” from the album The Learner (Evening) 2010
Storyhill – Produced & Mixed the album Shade of the Trees (Red House) 2010
Rachael Yamagata – Produced & Mixed “You Take My Troubles Away” from the Dear John Soundtrack (Relativity) 2010
KT Tunstall – Produced “Boy”, end title from the film The Kid 2010
Dan Wilson – Produced the album Live at the Pantages (Ballroom Music) 2009
Mike Doughty – Produced  the album Golden Delicious (ATO) 2008
Jeremy Messersmith – Produced, Mixed & Recorded  the album The Silver City (Princess) 2008
The New Standards – Produced & Mixed the album  Rock and Roll (Princess) 2008
Dan Wilson – Produced, Mixed & Recorded the album  Free Life (American/Columbia) 2007
Storyhill – Produced , Mixed & Recorded the album Storyhill (Red House) 2007
Absent Star – Produced the album Sea Trials (Canvasback/Columbia) 2007
Mike Doughty – Produced, Mixed & Recorded the album Haughty Melodic (ATO) 2005
The New Standards – Produced, Mixed & Recorded the album The New Standards (Princess) 2005
Epic Hero – Produced, Mixed & Recorded the album New Life (Epic Hero) 2003
Semisonic – Produced the abum All About Chemistry (MCA) 2001
Bic Runga – Produced, Mixed & Recorded “Good Morning Baby” from the American Pie Soundtrack (Universal) 1999