DW Minneapolis Benefit Concert for The Sheridan Story

Here’s an online poster I made to let everyone know that there are still tickets available for my Minneapolis concert on November 9th, which benefits The Sheridan Story, a great charity that sends meals home with hungry Twin Cities schoolkids on the weekends. I really believe in this group and its mission. Tickets come in various prices according to how many meals your ticket will provide: a $35 ticket provides 30 meals for hungry children, a $75 ticket provides 65 meals, etc. Click on the link to purchase tickets, see my show and support this wonderful organization: http://danwilsonconcert.com/


  1. Joanne Henry
    7:17 pm on 11/8/13

    Can’t wait! Thanks for supporting this important cause, Dan.
    Just bought two more tickets.

  2. It was an amazing concert. All of Dan’s great collaboration stuff and performed with a string quartet which added a great dimension to it. But my favorite was Dan’s stories and dialogue between songs. Really brought us in close and allowed us to better appreciate the story behind the music (and him). Thanks for supporting The Sheridan Story and sharing yourself with us.

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